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Beanie and neckwarmer from Stickfabriken AB
With it´s simple design with nice rough-textured structure and natural colours it suits everyone, and most people can picture themselve wearing it.
Instead of sewing we have tied it by hand on top. That gives it a nice ending and a weight on top that gives this long beanie the right look. It has the perfect ”overhang”. You can fold up the beanie as you want.

Anyone can find pleasure with these caps and neckwarmers. Young and old. People that like to wear the caps both inside and outside, it´s perfect because it adjust itself to the body temperature and they will not be to warm. It´s an investment for your health. If it´s very cold you just double the cap over the ears, pull up the polo over the nose and you´ll freeze no more.

Alpaca is one of the best and most expensive wool you can get. It has unique properties;
It does not itch.
Alpaca wool have no barbs on the fiber, that sheep wool have. Your garment is made of Super Fine alpaca wich is the second nicest and thinnest fibre of the alpacas, under 22,5 micro. There are six grades.

Three times stronger than sheep wool - Three times warmer than the sheep wool -Acts like a thermostat
Our yarn comes from Alpacas living free on the plateaus of the Andes, 4000-5500 meters above sea level. There, temperatures can swing from - 30 at night to +20 during the day. These extreme living conditions with temperature swings of 50 degrees in the space of a few hours, has developed a very special hair quality that cannot be compared with any other.
The, so-called, wool is considered to be three times stronger and three to seven times warmer than sheep's wool. The hair has a built in function for temperature control, which insulates very well against cold and heat. How can that be possible? The whole secret lies in that there are small air spaces inside the fiber, as opposed to wool fibers, which are compact. This allows the fiber to be a specially soft and lightweight and helps keeping the body temperature perfect.

Hypoallergenic - Bacteriostatic - Self-cleaning - Repeals sweat and other odours
People who are allergic to wool can usually use Alpaca wool directly on their body. Alpaca garments are anti-bacterial and self-cleaning.
We recommend that you not wash your garments too often because they are self-cleaning. Alpaca fiber contains large amounts of natural sulphur, which removes odours in garments if you hang them outside. Additionally sulphur prevents bacteria growth! Wash the garments too often and this effect will disappear gradually.
For these garments to keep as nice as possible, we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent for wool. You can also use a mild hair shampoo, because it's actually hair you are washing.

These Alpacas are living free on the plateaus of the Andes. One or two times a year they are collected to be cut. This makes alpaca fiber a renewable resource in a very gentle way. Alpacas walk gently on the earth. Their softly padded feet leave the pasture they walk on undamaged. Alpacas graze on grass without pulling it up by the roots.